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Cats, JDM, Millenial Kid; I'm your Muse.

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Birthdate:Jul 6
Location:Oklahoma, United States of America
I'm constantly online or using some source of technology. Living in the country, wanting to get out, but being stuck for personal reasons leads a girl to live her life online rather than being dragged down by those nearest her in town.
I'm an animal lover and have a bunch of them while also being an advocate. I've raised and help deliver baby animals into this world since I was 4/5. My ultimate goal is to be a vet, but I also want these achievements: coder, working in all sorts of medical fields, being an awesome JDM advocate and speaker, getting my songs published and sang, landing a role in acting or in a musical, being a pro blogger, being allowed all the time in the world on the Sims (with free advantages ofc), meeting my idols, moving to Korea, deep sea diving, publishing my books and poems, being true to myself forever.

Fun facts:
+ I have this disease called JDM. It's a pain in the butt, but ask about it or go to
+ I have an unhealthy gaming addiction.
+ I believed I could speak to cats when I was little. Still do.
+ I speak good Korean to pass, but understand it better.
+ I am 1/64 Chickasaw Native American and have some lovely dabs of Irish/Scottish/Welsh blood in me. So, I'm red-headed, very pale, have NA blood in me, have a rare disease, and my doctor always laughs with me because I'm such a pain to doctors.
+ I'm okay at coding but take LOOOONG breaks from practice.
+ Aside from English & Korean, I understand Spanish, but speak it as good as my Korean -- might not be saying much -- and I know words and phrases in Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Choctaw/Chickasaw. I'm no omnilingual genius, I just picked it up from being in the KPOP fandom world and rp world for years upon years. ^^ Some close pals are Viet, Pinoy, Korean, and more.
+ I am an old soul.

Interests (61):

all disney movies, alumni, anything au!hitler era, anything history, anything horror, avril lavigne, awesomenesstv shows, blogging, bring it on (all), brooke waggoner, cat lover, coraline, criminal minds, dance, demi lovato, encouraging writers, evanescence, ex-roleplayer, fanfic enthusiast, goosebumps, graphics, grease 1 & 2, grimm's fairy tales, harry potter, history nerd, in the after, indie, july, kdramas & movies, kpop, mako mermaids & h2o, nanowrimo, no reservations, panic! at the disco, pixie lott, pll, rap, reading fanfics, roleplaying, rose gardner series, scetching, seether, series of unfortunate events, shadowhunters, sims fan and avid player, singing/rap, soap operas, spn, star wars (all), stephen king books, taking care of animals, taylor swift, the bell jar, tumblr, twitter, u2, unwind dystology, vampire academy, watching anything, writing, youtube
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